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Aliens had come to the Earth.
“At the end of the star’s life, we lost our home planet. Please let us live on your planet. Our abilities will definitely help you.”
They weren’t threatening, they quietly waited for human’s reply on their ship. During that time, they were generously transferring their technologies to us one after another. They were horribly peaceful.
Their abilities were insight and persuasiveness. Immediately detect the distrust of us and convince them that it is a completely useless concern. Human did not lose the argument. We came to think that what the aliens say was right. Humans have consented to the settlement of aliens. The aliens peacefully and unhesitantly entered the earth. They were horribly impudent.

The aliens were mild-mannered and never coride with humans. With their abilities, any problem is persuaded and humans lose the factors to contend with them.
They look the same as humans. Except for being extremely mild-mannered and peaceful. Many aliens make money and support human households. Gradually, more and more people chose aliens as their spouses. Human came to think that aliens were much excellent in humanity.
A female alien came to my house as well. She wanted to be a wife for a lonely man.
She said, “I have no place to live. Please let me live with you. It will be useful to you.”
The alien preached the conviction that we would have a warm family together. I refused. A human wife was better. However, she steadily preached the necessity for us to build affection. Finally I agreed. I never lost the debate. It might be good, I came to think so.

The alien who became my wife kept house well, and good regional activities. I wondered if she would contact her fellow aliens often, but she didn’t seem to leave the house. She always waited for me to return and prepared meals and words for me.
When I came back home with a bad mood, she smiled at me and soothed my mind. Not sure whether “chauvinistic husband” or ”henpecked”.
My wife became pregnant. Like humans, it will be born in about 10 months. The alien is easy to give birth, so she can give birth at home. She doesn’t seem to cost anything. I go crazy for my first kid.

An alien in the neighborhood was also pregnant. However, he is a husband. The neighborhood adopted child was also pregnant.
Even men and children, aliens pregnant one after another. They are parthenogenetic …
I questioned my wife. Are you going to take over the earth? However, she talk to me with a smile. “Our” children will protect the earth environment, inherit human culture, and build a peaceful and crime-free society…

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  1. How did the arrival of aliens on Earth unfold, particularly in terms of their peaceful approach and the abilities they offered to humanity? Regard Telkom University

    • Hi, thanks for you comment.
      I haven’t delved into that point because it’s not the point.
      Did you think it’s realy peaceful and humanitarian aproach?
      Would native eart human be able to survive?
      Glad if you enjoyed this story.

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